I know I'm behind on my post updates but I just don't have enough time to update this blog or I don't have Wi-Fi available. Let me continue, as I said in previous post, I arrived in Jaisalmer from Jaipur and found that it's a nice city, especially the fort part of it. It is obviously on a hill so no cycle rickshaws here, only auto rickshaws and taxis. The rides are a bit more expensive here because gas is sold at higher price here. One of the annoyances is the frequency of blackouts, they occur approximately every 6-7 hours (at least the did while I was there). I also hated all the flies that are in the city, there was an unbelievable amount that I hadn't experienced elsewhere and I was happy to leave Jaisalmer mostly because of that.

The Fall location

Jaisalmer fort is one of the filming locations from The Fall and it was shot from outside the southern wall. The scene actually shows the exact hotel that I stayed in, which was kinda cool. Here's my shot of the same location.

Southern wall of the Jaisalmer fort

Things to see

One of the sights that is worth seeing here is Fort Palace museum which is a bit pricey for my taste but it has the most amazing view of the city since its rooftop is the highest point there. Admission fee is 300 rupees but it includes...

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A camel silhouette from the Thar desert

Posted on March 12, 2012

Another post with just one photo. It's a camel that I rode while on my desert safari from Khuri in Thar desert.

It was a sweet yet dumb-looking camel...

Camel from my safari trip

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I arrived in Jaisalmer by an overnight train from Jaipur. The train ride wasn't that bad but nevertheless I didn't sleep that well. It took us some eleven hours to get here and I had a nice chat with couple of the locals in the train. I traveled sleeper class and had an opportunity to sit by the cart doors and see the desert on my way here.

The hotel

I arranged accommodation in Paradise hotel inside the fort because the Argentinian guys suggested it and I wanted a nice peaceful place to stay at. The hotel staff told me that they'll pick me up at the train station but they forgot so I had to call them to send a ride for me. It was quite irritating waiting for the ride since there's like twenty touts at the station trying to get you to take their rickshaw to a bunch of different hotels where the get their commission.

So the car finally arrived after some 20 minutes and once they drove me to the hotel I checked in and just wanted to get to my room but noooo... The manager wanted me to take the hotel's camel safari trip and wouldn't let me get to my room without first having listened to his offer. I said that I don't care about it and that I have some prior arrangements for it (even though I didn't have any). I was finally released and went to my room to relax but it was...

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A monkey eating a banana

Posted on March 5, 2012

This monkey just begs to be on this blog.

No post, just a photo...

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Here's a great one. Short and sweet...

After a quick nap on Thursday (my first day in India), I decided to have a short walk in streets near my hotel and catch something to eat. As I already mentioned, everyone here is friendly so I meet several people who ask me where I'm from, how long have I been in India, how long I'm staying and similar questions. I liked that so I answered to each of them thinking they can't be meaning any harm if they're behaving so kindly. Boy, was I wrong... Since I had a train booked for early morning today I wanted to see where the station is and how to get there from my place and I asked a guy to show me how to get to the New Delhi train station. We started walking and talking and he suggested I should go to "government's" tourist office to get some safety tips, maps and other complimentary stuff so I listened to him. He got me a rickshaw which dropped me right in front of the office (BTW, my first rickshaw ride). I get inside, get some chai and start talking to this guy who says that I shouldn't take trains during this period (holiday time in India) because there were some stabbings "recently" (he showed some newspaper article which was actually from March 2007) and told me that I should use their mini bus which will take me and two other girls from my hotel...

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